We LOVE Padfinders
Thank you Matthew!
"Thank you Matthew! This was the absolute best experience! I understand why so many people are happy and rave about Matthew. He made the house hunting process painless. Matthew spent a great deal of time listening to my needs and wants. More importantly, he asked questions I had never considered thinking about before, to find the perfect fit of quality of life, in the price range I requested, and the perfect location. There was no pressure, no sales, just honest feedback and support. Matthew set up the appointments with multiple places to minimize my time and driving, which saved a great deal of time and effort. He also provided maps, emails, phone numbers, and follow up calls for me. Thank you again Matthew, you are the best!"
- B. Mcfall, Renter, Alexandria, VA
"Michael Robinson went the extra mile to secure a home for me. His assistance was crucial in a moment where I decided to start looking for an apartment outside Virginia. His help and good humor were precious. Keep on the excellent service!"
- H. Azkour, Renter, Alexandria, Virginia
"First of all, I think apartment searching is very stressful and frustrating. Once I came across the man, the myth, the legend, Matthew, this changed everything. Matthew assisted me with finding places I had no clue about- all in one email response. Matthew also set up my tours, appointments, and stayed in close contact with me throughout my process. Again, thank you so much. It was a great experience. When my lease terms are up, I know where to come!"
- T. Wiggins, Renter, Alexandria, VA
Thank you Brian
"I was really stressed finding my new home, but suddenly I found Brian. He has been a very useful by providing me list of apartments in the area where I prefer. 5 stars for him!"
- E. Jameel, Renter, Alexandria, VA
Thank's Brian!
"Brian was a huge help in finding places that had what we were looking for and getting tours lined up for us while we were out of the country. We really appreciated his expertise."
- J. Heavenrich, Renter, Silver Spring, Maryland (MD)
Thanks Matthew!!
"Matthew is amazing! Thank you so much for all your help in finding me an incredible apartment. Moving to a place where you don't know anything about the area is hard, and I am so grateful for all your help in finding me the prefect location. He found me a list of places that fit what I was looking for, then set up the appointments for me to go tour them all! All I had to do was drive down and check them out! Found the perfect place during my very first tour and I applied the next day! Has everything I wanted AND MORE! He really knows his stuff. Thank you for EVERYTHING! Best/easiest apartment hunt ever."
- M. Salvato, Renter, Rockville, MD
Really knows her stuff!
"Jen (Knight) Gilmore did a wonderful job of helping me search for an apartment. She found many places that I was interested in, and diligently followed up with me to see if there was more that she could do. She also recommended a few places that I would not have considered on my own, but which I came very close to taking-- she knows her stuff!"
- N. Converse, Renter, Washington, DC
Michael is AMAZING!!! Above and Beyond!!
"Michael is absolutely terrific. Thorough, responsive, and helpful. He responded as renting needs changed and checked in often. He provided multiple lists of places in different areas in and around DC. He ended up finding a fantastic apartment at a reasonable price in Silver Spring with a view of the Washington Monument. Please use this wonderful service!!"
- N. Lehn, Renter, Silver Spring, MD
"Jen Knight is the most amazing angel of a human being. I am in the process of relocating from Tennessee to the DC area and it has been one of the most stressful times of my entire life. Jen has been there the entire time, checking in, and working with my crazy shifts in wants/needs. She was helping me figure things out at 11:30pm, on a FRIDAY night. I honestly almost gave up on all of this so many times but I haven't because of Jen. I owe my first born to her, and maybe a drink or two. THANK YOU SO MUCH JEN!!!"
- O. Luzzi, Renter, Silver Spring, MD
Finding a place
"Thank you for helping me find a place!"
- C. Marchi, Renter, WASHINGTON, DC
Helped me find a pad in ONE day!
"Jonathan Jones was great! He helped me find a pad in one day. It is in my budget and in a nice neighborhood."
- J. Oksanen-Gooden, , Alexandria, VA
Saved me hours of time
"Brian saved me so many hours of time by researching apartments for me, suggesting buildings that I hadn't thought of and taking on the huge task of getting all the appointments set up. I found my apartment, thanks to him, in one day of his appointments after looking for more than a week on my own!"
- J. Jennings, Renter, Washington, DC
Thank you for your help!
"I started looking for places online and Tammy reached out about a place I had inquired about. She was AWESOME. She helped set up appointments and put together an itinerary of different apartments to look at. She was super responsive and attentive. I didn't find my home on my first try but she immediately booked appointments for a new building the next day and it was perfect. Thanks for your help, Tammy!"
- A. Marquez, Renter, Washington, DC
Highly recommend
"Brian Booker was extraordinary in helping me move across the country without being able to see the apartment before moving in. Always available and ready to help, he made every attempt to get me the best deal possible. I highly recommend using Brian to help decide where the best place to live is!"
- E. Shaffer, Renter, Beverly Hills, CA
"Jonathan Jones was tireless, patient and thorough in finding my new apartment. Absolutely would not have happened without him!"
- B. McKenzie, Renter, Washington, DC, DC
Friendly and Efficient
"Finding the right location and apartment rental from out of town was a difficult challenge until I started working with Brian Booker. After a half day of showings I was left with several really good options and decided on the best one by the afternoon. Brian is personable, highly responsive and understands the challenges of moving into the area from out of town. I highly recommend this service."
- K. Ferguson, Renter, Chicago, IL
Set up a meeting that led to my current lease!
"Jen and the team were kind enough to set up a meeting for me at a new apartment building that was not yet advertising on rental sites, leading to us falling in love with the place and leasing an apartment. If you want a free service that beats the pricey competition, look no further than rentalsgonewild.com"
- T. A., Renter, washington, DC
Above and Beyond Effort
"Brian was so fantastic to work with! He constantly was communicating with me and working to find places that were exactly what I was looking for. Very happy with my new apartment and very excited for my move. Thank you to Renters Gone Wild and Brian for making a usually stressful process very exciting and relaxed!"
- K. Bader, Renter, Baltimore, MD
Quick, Responsive, & Friendly
"We needed quick turnaround, and Matt delivered. This service makes moving a breeze. Thanks again!"
- T. Ebner, Renter, Washington, DC
Relocation stress- couldn't have found better guidance!
"Jen was amazing! Relocating in the middle of the school year with an elementary age kid is a struggle. Add to that moving dates right in winter. Jen was able to find and coordinate house hunting program with all the specifics and even annotate the extra perks each property had. Not only was she thorough, but each property had my information and needs by the scheduled appointment. Thanks Jen!"
- Maria A, Renter, Miami, FL
Greatly appreciated!
"Good morning Sara! Once again, thank you very much for your assistance. It was greatly appreciated! I'll be sure to recommend your company to my friends and colleagues looking to move or relocate."
- Y. Jackson, Renter, Wheaton, MD
Moving to DC next week
"My daughter is moving to DC next week. We were apartment hunting this weekend and worked with Mike Robinson. Mike was exceptional and we love the apartment at he found us at Foxchase!"
- M. Smith, Renter, Canonsburg, PA
Jen is the best!
"I struggled for months trying to find apartments, but as soon as I contacted Jen for help it was 2 short weeks and I was signing a lease in the townhouse of my dreams. Jen is the best I'm definitely recommending her to all my friends and family in need of housing."
- A. Nzeogu, Renter, Lorton, Va
I was overwhelmed!
"Jen Knight has been fantastic! Fast, punctual, professional, and excellent with follow-up. I am new to not only the renters market, but also to DC. I was overwhelmed by the process!"
- T. Wiseman, Renter, Washington, DC
"I will be eternally grateful to Blake and to Jennifer for helping find my son an apartment to call home in the Northern Virginia area. We only had 24 hours to make things happen and happen they did!!!!! The complex is as lovely as Jennifer said it would be--the management is awesome, and maintenance and upkeep amazing. Most of all, my son now has a safe, clean home because Jennifer responded at 10 pm on a Saturday night and worked hard for us on a Sunday morning during the 4th of July weekend. THANK YOU!!!!!"
- E. Williams, Renter, El Paso, Texas
Extremely helpful
"Jen is a wonderful resource offering timely communication, along with comprehensive and updated information. She did well to provide options that met my requirements/preferences. Padfinders and specifically, Jen, should be your starting point for apartment searching in the DMV."
- J. Tilan, Renter, Washington, DC
Apartment Rental
"Jen was AWESOME!!!!! I would highly recommend Padfinders, and specifically Jen. She was extremely helpful and stayed within my budget. I really appreciated all of her assistance throughout the process. I would definitely recommend Jen to any of my friends moving to the DC area. Thanks again!"
- C. Lavin, Renter, Doylestown, PA
Apartment hunting made easier
"I just want to thank you so much for all your help. You've made apartment searching so much easier and I couldn't be happier with going through Padfinders. Thanks Dawn!"
- L. Nguyen, Renter, Arlington, VA
Jen is a life-saver!
"Jen saved me hours and hours of research and logistical planning when I found out I was relocating to DC. I simply told Jen what I was looking for and the narrow window of free time I had, and she scheduled tours at a half-dozen places. All the apartments Jen selected for me met my requirements so I didn’t waste time looking at sketchy places. It was a real treat to be able to have an abundance of good options. Many thanks to Jen for listening carefully to me and understanding what I was looking for!"
- M. Buchmann, Renter, Chicago, Illinois
Jen is Amazing!
"I am relocating to DC and was lucky enough to stumble upon Rentalsgonewild.com. I was a little skeptical at first that this was a truly free service, but I was clueless and needed some local expertise. I actually took a weekend on my own and it was a disaster. My second trip was booked through Jen, and she found different places based on what I was looking for, and even scheduled the tours for me, all free of charge and no obligation. If you are moving to this area, use this service...you have nothing to lose!!"
- K. Fowler, Renter, Raleigh, NC
Definitely Recommend
"Carolyn was amazing!! I made a trip to DC to find a new apartment and Carolyn was incredible in the process. She looked up places and sent me them via email based on my preferences. She even contacted them to let them know I was coming. I definitely recommend her if you are making DC your new home!"
- C. Mizuo, Renter, Washington, DC
Carolyn is Great!
"Carolyn has been so great and I am very happy for it. She helped me pick the perfect apartment :)."
- S. Guerrero, Renter, Washington, DC
Carolyn is AMAZING!
"Working with Carolyn was great! She was EXTREMELY responsive and timely with her communication, which I appreciated immensely. She also showed me the perfect apartment within my price range (after only meeting me a few days before). I refer her to friends ALL THE TIME, and she continues to impress."
- K. Lamarino, Renter, Washington, DC
So helpful!
"Carolyn was very helpful during our apartment search! She was always checking up on our progress to see if there was anything more she could do! Would recommend her to anyone!"
- M. Harris, Renter, Washington, DC
Carolyn is awesome
"Carolyn was enthusiastic and helpful from the word go. She made the process fun and it was a relief to have someone help sift through the thousands of apartments available in the DMV. She was incredibly nice and great to work with. I highly recommend her!"
- C. Warren, Renter, Arlington, Virginia
Lindsay is wonderful!!!
"Lindsay Brewer is wonderful. She is responsive, nice and friendly. She helped us to find our old apartment 3 years ago, and new apartment this year. We loved both. She is familiar with the area and She found apartments according to our requests and the options she gave us were all perfect. She arranged the appointments for several apartments in one Saturday, so technically it took just one day for us to find our lovely apartment; she did everything else. I highly recommend her to all people looking for a rental place in Washington, DC area."
- Amir S., Renter, Rockville, Maryland
Carolyn is amazing!!!
"Carolyn was incredible! She provided a ton of support, was proactive, and had an excellent attitude. 100% Recommend."
- Gopal N., Renter, Washington, DC
Carolyn Was Wildly Awesome!
"Carolyn was extremely responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable about apartments in DC and Arlington. She helped every step of the way with a smile and positive attitude that lessened the pain of apartment searching. I highly recommend her."
- Weis S., Renter, Springfield, VA
Jen is the best!
"Jen is the best person I have ever worked with! She helped me so much, especially since I was moving from out of town. I was so pleased with the service I personally called management to make sure they knew just how valuable she was. Thank you Jen for helping me find the perfect place to call home!"
- Benjamin K., Renter, Washington, DC
Carolyn was a Godsend!
"Having just moved back to the DC area after being away for ten years, Carolyn made the search for a new home practically effortless. She was very helpful, friendly, efficient and wasted no time providing me with a number of excellent options. I cannot imagine how time consuming and frustrating it would have been without her. Found a great place and moving in soon! Thank you Carolyn!"
- Omar R., Renter, Washington, DC
It was very easy with your help
"Lindsay, Thank you very much for all your arrangements. Everything was arranged perfectly. We filled an application. It was very easy with your help. We would recommend you to our friends definitely!"
- K. & A. Shams, Renter, Rockville, MD
Brian McMullen Was So Helpful!
"My wife was getting super frustrated searching for apartments until Brian called us and showed us a TON of great options! He is like a super-responsive housing search engine, but better because he gives personal advice and recommendations based on our lifestyle. Thanks so much, Brian!"
- Joe G., Renter, Grand Rapids, MI
Caroline was great!
"I had to find an apartment in less that two weeks sight unseen and Caroline was available to help me with everything that I needed. She was great to work with and I would definitely recommend her!"
- Pete A., Renter, Alexandria, VA
Dawn Hamer great job
"Dawn Hamer did an awesome job of hooking me up with a bunch of different tours all around the DC area. It really gave me a good idea of the options and helped me narrow down what I was looking for. She was always prompt in her responses and very thorough in her help. Great experience! Go Dawn!"
- Jordan K, Renter, Washington, DC
Great Service
"Carolyn was a huge help when I was looking for a place to rent. She has great energy and organized handfuls of viewings for me exactly when I was available and coordinated with the onsite teams when I had questions for them. This is a great service and I highly recommend them to renters and leasing managers."
- Jamie P., Renter, WASHINGTON, DC
Carolyn was a life-saver
"Carolyn helped me find one apartment, and then when I found out that apartment was damaged and unavailable two weeks before I was supposed to move, she kicked in the overdrive and helped me see a half-dozen apartments or more in a day. Carolyn always followed through, and was great about checking in on my apartment hunt (and my sanity)! I will (and have) recommended Padfinders, generally, and Carolyn, specifically, to friends."
- Patrick K., Renter, Washington, DC
Praise for Carolyn Smith!
"This review is specifically for Carolyn Smith! I am moving across country and need all the help I can get. Carolyn did a fantastic job making note of my preferences and selecting appropriate apartments. She also has excellent communication skills. Carolyn provided concise emails, responded in a timely manner, and anticipated information I may need to make an informed decision. She also continued to find other apartments as I learned more about current options she had shared; I had a constant flow of apartments to contact and review. Overall, Carolyn was a pleasure to work with, smart, detailed, positive, honest, and made my move easy. I would be happy to work with her again! Great job!"
- Vel F., Renter, DC, DC
Very Satisfied
"Bianca Scholl was a tremendous help on my long range move. She was communicative throughout the entire process and I was never left wondering how things were going or if she would forget about me. She listened to all of my must-haves and was even able to send suggestions that met my dream criteria. I toured units scheduled by her and myself, and say honestly having her help was the way to go. I ended up applying for a unit recommended by Bianca, and cannot give enough praises about her hard work on my behalf. I will be recommending Padfinders to all of my friends, especially those making difficult cross-country moves. Thanks Bianca!!"
- Stephanie R., Renter, South Bend, IN
96% Leased!
"The Blairs is currently leased at 96%, the highest we’ve seen is about three years. We appreciate you and your entire team for helping us reach a new level of success! Thank you so much for your help!"
- Jamie B., Leasing Manager, Silver Spring, MD
Made it easy
"I got a new job across the country and had to move here quickly. Carolyn made it an easy and productive weekend when I came to visit and look for apartments. I had 8 showings in 2 days and it didn't ever feel like we were in a hurry. Great service!"
- Troy M., Renter, Rockville, MD
Phenomenal service
"Domenick was an absolute pleasure to work with. His recommendations were often times better than the research my Fiancé and I were doing by ourselves. He really knows his stuff and perfectly matched us to a variety of apartments that would fit with our active/outgoing lifestyle. Thank you Domenick!"
- Alisha B., Renter, Manassas Park, VA
Fruitful partnership
"This message is to personally express my gratitude for your company's continued assistance in providing a fruitful partnership. Most of those that have been referred to our apartment home have become welcomed as residents. I'm looking forward to all the more that the future has in store!"
- Joy A., Leasing Professional, Silver Spring, MD
Our Search was so much easier!
"Hi Dawn! We absolutely loved the property! They had such great specials and we couldn't let the opportunity pass! I want to thank you so so so much for helping us out. It made our search so much easier."
- Lilly N., Renter, Vienna, VA
Your recommendations were spot on
"Hi Tracey, Your recommendations were spot on and we were very well looked after by all the various leasing offices. Thanks for your help."
- Rob and Dana T., Renter, Alexandria, VA
Definitely recommend you to anyone moving to the city
"Tracey, Thank you so much for setting everything up. The apartments looked gorgeous and everyone was incredibly helpful. I was pleasantly surprised with everything especially the neighborhoods. I will keep you up to date with what we decide and thank you again for all your help. I would definitely recommend you to anyone moving to the city. It was an extreme help and pleasure talking with you. Thank you again."
- Sean S., Renter, Washington, DC
"Tracey, Thank you more than you know for all your efforts and wonderful customer service. I will be recommending you!!"
- Nancy M, Renter, Alexandria, VA
"We were two sisters flying in from MN and TX with three days to find an apt. for an third sister moving to DC from overseas. Dawn sent me multiple listings in advance to help narrow down my sister's specific needs and then set appts. with five properties for us to view our first day there. All were worth our time and three of the five were strong contenders. My sister was able to make a decision after our first day of looking and we were able to finalize the rental on day two. However, without Dawn's help, we wouldn't have been so successful. She stayed in touch with me throughout the day as we looked at the apartments and was ready to make appts. at additional properties if we needed them. Dawn doesn't work an 8 hour day, M-F but was available with info and suggestions seemingly 24/7! I highly recommend working with Padfinders and with Dawn in particular. Thank you, Dawn."
- Pam B., Renter, Farwell, MN
Breath of Fresh Air!
"Tracey, We were/are so grateful for your help. Your kind and enthusiastic approach was a breath of fresh air."
- Bryce G., , Bethesda, MD
Thank you for helping us navigate this wild ride!
"Dawn, I wanted to thank you very much for all of your hard work in helping us prepare a jam-packed trip! It was very very successful. I saw the apartments that you set up the showings for. It was a lot in a few days, but totally worth it! Thank You again for helping us navigate this wild ride!"
- Katelyn C., Renter, Alexandria, VA
You saved me a lot of time!
"Dawn, Thank you very much for your help in my move. It was extremely beneficial to see where you recommended and compare to my research. I’ve decided to rent a small carriage house as it is much more my speed than a luxury high rise. Thanks again for helping me navigate the DC real estate scene… you saved me a lot of time! You’re an extremely personable, empathetic, and knowledgeable agent!"
- Eric B., Renter, Washington, DC
Stellar Customer Service
"It was an absolute pleasure working with Bianca Scholl. I am currently deployed and was really stressed about having my future living arrangement prepared for me and my son for when I return. Bianca was patient and consistently answered any questions I had through the 3/4 month process. It has definitely helped make my transition easier from deployment back to state side. Her customer support is awesome! Bianca's manner of dealing with her clients and others is to be commended as she represented this company so professionally."
- Amber K., Renter, Alexandria, VA
Perfect Customer Service
"I have never seen such a fast and great job. Thanks Jamie.Because of you I saw the apartment at 11:00AM and took the key at 4:50 at the same day. It is a pleasure to work with you, and I will recommend Padfinders to all my friends who need a new home."
- Akile C, Renter, Alexandria, VA
Great Customer Service
"It was such a pleasure working with Lindsay Brewer! Her attitude, patience, and professionalism is the main reason why I will encourage prospects looking for a home to speak with her. Her manner of dealing with her clients and others is to be commended as she represented this company so professionally."
- Brittany B., Property Management, Atlanta, GA
Customer Service Driven
"Your team is the best, such a pleasure to work with and such customer service driven professionals. I love it!"
- Nichelle H., Property Management, Rockville, MD
Great help!
"We were very happy with how Bianca helped us finding properties around the north Bethesda area. She was quick in responding through emails and texts. We want to thank her for being a huge help in our home hunting."
- Aatmaja, Renter, Bel Air, Maryland
Extremely Helpful
"This is definitely the place for us, all thanks to you Brian. You have been extremely helpful and now we will be moving in by the end of the year!"
- Angie C., Renter, Vienna, VA
A sincere pleasure
"It was a sincere pleasure working with you, Tracey. I'm very happy in my new place and I have you to thank for that! Lots of natural light, big windows, southern exposure, next to metro, great amenities! I will indeed refer you personally to my friends, colleagues and clients. I couldn't think of anyone better to work with than you."
- David S., Renter, Washington, DC
Thank You!
"Thank you Jamie, I know I wasn't the most easy client do to the fact of my budget, dog, and expensive taste! You found me a great little apartment that I believe will be perfect for me and Pippi! I will pass the word on about Padfinders and will recommend you as well!"
- Megan D., Renter, Alexandria, Va
A pleasure to work with
"Jamie was a pleasure to work with. Very professional and friendly to work with. Thank you for your help!"
- Jeff G., Renter, Syracuse, NY
"Tracey was the best help ever, always checked in on me to see how everything was going and always had an answer to my questions she is the best!! #TEAMRENTALSGONEWILD :)"
- Sean M., Renter, Alexandria, Va
I am very pleased!
"The whole process of finding the right place became so much easier thanks to Jen at Padfinders. We are so happy with the place she connected us to. We moved in the following day and love our apartment, and the location is incredibly close to my job. I am very pleased and thankful for all her help."
- Sheri M., Renter, Fairfax, Virginia
Very Helpful
"The hunt for an apartment in DC was getting really stressful. I got in touch with Jamie at Padfinders and was quickly given several good apartment options with all the amenities and prices listed out in a helpful email. We were quickly able to narrow down the options and landed at a great location shortly thereafter. Thanks for your help!"
- Danny E., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
Thank you!
"I had some complications when trying to find a place on my own and happened to come across RGW and Brian McMullen. He was so helpful and I found a place in ONE DAY! Unheard of. Thanks for everything!"
- Alexis L., Renter, Washington, DC
Thank you again and again
"I told my friend about how much great help you afforded me when I was searching for an apartment and I am giving that person your contact information. You did such a fantastic job with me. Always prompt, always responsive, always reliable and consistently over the top. I still so appreciate it even thought it's been over a year...thank you again and again!"
- Dave S., Renter, Washington, DC
Super satisfied client!
"Hello Lindsay! I just wanted to touch base with you! I moved in and got my keys to the Hunt Club on July 14th. I am all moved in and pretty settled in. I must say I am in love with my new surroundings!! Thank you so much for your help! You have a super-satisfied client...once again!"
- Brittney B., Renter, Gatihersburg, MD
Jamie is great!
"Jamie did a great job of helping me find apartment options to view. She helped me save a lot of time by scheduling apartment viewings for me as well."
- Cortney A., Renter, Washington, DC
Wonderful Service
"Lindsey was so very helpful. She was in constant communication, text, email, phone, day and night and not only helped me search but helped me deal with the emotional stress of choosing a place. I will use this service every time I'm moving. Wish I would have called much sooner."
- Stephanie H., Renter, Washington, DC
Best help ever!
"Jamie is the best! She made sure my appointment at my new place was done and also gave me referrals for rental furniture. Im so happy to have called her for help Thanks again, Jamie!"
- Tony E., Renter, Alexandria, va
A Happy Referral makes a Happy Resident!
"Jamie Drew has been excellent in referring residents to us. We recently had a potential resident who was so informed with the correct information that by the time they arrived I only had to say hello and they were hooked. She always gives us a heads up of who is coming to the property and includes the correct contact information. Keep up the Great Work Jamie and keep the happy residents coming to Dominion Towers Apartments!"
- Alexander C., Property Manager, Arlington, VA
Amazing Help!!!
"Much thanks to Jen for help with finding apartments to check out!!! Contacted Jen Friday night, by Saturday morning I was set up with multiple tours at wonderful locations. Also, I was notified of deals that I would have NEVER stumbled upon on my own, that still weren't clearly listed on the website. Jen handled scheduling the tours and everything. AMAZING AMAZING SERVICE!!!!"
- Jasmine J., Renter, Washington, DC
short term rental
"Many thanks to Lindsay & Padfinders! I needed a short-term lease quickly & that is exactly what I got with Lindsay after one brief phone call. I wasted weeks sorting through craigslist. Lesson learned! Way to go, Lindsay!"
- Nyla P., Renter, Groveport, Ohio
You found a deal!
"Thank you so much! I never would have looked at this community based on their normal price range. You found me a great deal!"
- Sara P., Renter, Gaithersburg, MD
You're a Rock Star!
"Jamie, you're a rock star! Thank you for your support over the last couple of days. I will definitely refer you to my buddies at the Pentagon. That was some apartment drama!!"
- Jonathan F., Renter, Washington, DC
Alexandria Apartment
"We worked with Lyndsay to find an apartment in Alexandria VA and absolutely loved her. She was amazing to work with - she answered the phone on our first call and never stopped working with us until we found an apartment that would fit. Which was a difficult find because we needed a wheelchair accessible apartment with several hard to find requirements. We only had a couple days to find a place and being out of town - we really needed someone to help us that knew the area so we could do the foot work from our car. I would highly recommend this service - and would have gladly paid for her help - but its amazingly free! A big thank you to Lyndsay, we really appreciate her professionalism and dedication to working with us a a renter."
- Garrett C., Renter, Woodstock, Georgia
Thank you so much
"Just so you know, Padfinders ROCKS!! I was going crazy looking for a place to live... you are the BEST."
- Carmelita M., Renter, Atlanta, GA
Thanks for for lead!
"Brian - Thanks for the lead! I just called and left a message for your clients and will follow up with you on the results after they tour. Happy Tuesday and keep those leads coming. #TheMarkatBrickyardLovesRentalsGoneWild!"
- Dean M., Property Manager, Beltsville, MD
Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
"Lindsay Brewer has been a great help to my fiancé and I. From the very start, she asked me what we were looking for and that is what she gave us. She kept in close contact with me, inquiring about if I had visited a property and how I liked it. Lindsay even made suggestions and offered advice about looking for a home to rent. Lindsay was so responsive; rather it was an email, text message or phone call; she always got back to me in a timely fashion. No matter how many questions I asked, Lindsay did not hesitate to answer or find out the answer. It was more than my pleasure to work with someone who is dedicated to her work and wanting her client to truly find the home they are looking for. Looking for a place to move to is a stressful event but having Lindsay’s assistance made it that much easier and for that, we are eternally happy. She truly went above and beyond the call of duty and was a great help. In the future, I would reach out to Lindsay and definitely recommend her to my friends and family who are looking to rent properties. Lindsay was truly a pleasure to work with and nothing short of a gem!!"
- Brittney B., Renter, Germantown, MD
I would highly recommend RGW
"Lindsay & the Padfinders team are always a pleasure to work with. They have been providing my properties in the Northern VA Region nothing but solid leads. Lindsay and her RGW team are excellent at what they do and their knowledge of the market and dedication to building strong relationships with clients is spectacular. I would highly recommend RGW and what they have to offer."
- Leo Everson, Stellar Management, Fairfax, VA
We enjoyed using your company
"Thanks for all of your amazing hard work. We enjoyed using your company and will forward it to anyone we know looking for an apartment."
- Arik S., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
I appreciate all your help and guidance
"Dear Lindsay, I appreciate all your help and guidance. This apartment is really great and cozy - Thank you so much! I am offering your service to all my friends who are looking for a place because you are so good. Many thanks!"
- Amir S., Renter, Rockville, MD
Exceeded my expectations
"Given my position as a Support Operations Manager I know how feedback is usually associated with complaints so I always find myself compelled to acknowledge when someone exceeds my expectations. I stumbled on a rental search website during my search for a place to live. I made a comment on one of the properties stating I would like to hear more about it. Then I got a call the very next morning (which in reality was like 12 hrs later or so) and spoke with Danielle. As a consumer, somebodies enthusiasm and tone highly influence the end result of whatever business transaction may occur. From the moment I answered the phone she was extremely professional, friendly, and polite. I honestly had low expectations at first but she seriously went above and beyond. She right away started to triage my wants and needs and then went to another level. It's easy to robotic-ally read off from a list, however she didn't do that. She asked me about my interests, my intentions etc and then interpreted her search results accordingly. Also, being as she was somewhat familiar with the general area and I am totally new to it she gave me all kinds of suggestions on things to check out. She gave me a few places to look at, and the last one I looked at (go figure, it's always the last) was like heaven. It would not be possible for me to find a better place, as I fell in love with this property. Based solely on my experience with Danielle I will suggest your website to anyone I ever hear about looking to move."
- Sean T., Renter, Bethesda, MD
Help with a life changing event
"Jessica helped me, my husband and our daughter immensely through this huge, life changing event. I shared with her what my expectations were and we went down every avenue together. I had total confidence and trust in her and her advice!"
- Kathy E., Renter, Washington, DC
A job truly well done
"Thank you so much for a job truly well done.  I will sign my lease tomorrow and am very excited about the apartment you found me.  I have enjoyed working with you through this process.  Your professionalism mixed with a great sense of humor made the process fun. You found me a great incentive bonus on a brand new renovated apartment that well exceeded my expectations. You are certainly a great asset to the Rental Gone Wild team."
- John S., Renter, Washington, DC
Going the extra mile
"I will definitely recommend Padfinders to everyone I know.  I appreciate the extra mile you go for people who need to rent and move."
- Laura E., Renter, Owings Mills, MD
"Thanks so much for all your awesome help!"
- Larissa E., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
customers are not just numbers
"Thank you very much for the great, personalized customer service you provided! Successful companies know that customers are not just numbers, they are people with different sets of requirements and expectations."
- Tom W., Renter, Alexandria, VA
I'm so grateful to be working with such a dedicated agent like you.
"I'd first like to express my sincere gratitude toward your guidance in finding a suitable place that meets the needs of me and my family; it would not have been possible to find the perfect accommodations without your help and support. I'm really overwhelmed with your concern and dedication; you have my extended appreciation. I'm so glad to inform you that I finally submitted an application with the property you recommended yesterday. Many thanks Christine for your help and support; you're truly an added value and I'm so grateful to be working with such a dedicated agent like you."
- Majed A., Renter, Alexandria, VA
Moving to a new city can be very difficult
"We moved into our new apartment two weeks ago and everything has been fabulous! We absolutely love it here and the staff are so nice and helpful. I wanted to thank you again for all of your help! Moving to a new city can be very difficult, but working with you made the moving process a lot easier."
- Blair C., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
Thank you for your kindness
"I truly appreciate your assistance and wanted to say thank you for your kindness. I will certainly seek out your expertise in the future!"
- Shawni W., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
Finally beginning to feel settled
"Being new to the area I was getting very frustrated trying to locate an apartment to call home that was in my price range, was close to work, accepted dogs and most importantly, in a safe area. I just needed someone to narrow down my search and guide me in the right direction. Jessica helped me do that! Thanks to her I have located a home and I am finally beginning to feel settled!"
- Tanisha C., Renter, Silver SPring, MD
I will recommend her any day and everyday
"Jessica is truly a woman of her word. She told me she would find me a place I would like and that's exactly what she did. She didn't rush me and also understood what I was looking for in terms of my budget and amenities. I will recommend her any day and everyday!"
- Jigar P., Renter, Washington, DC
superior customer service!
"Thank you for the outstanding, superior customer service!"
- Sherrie C., Renter, Washington, DC
A great list of apartments
"Thanks to Dustin for helping to put together a great list of properties to see!"
- Michael D., Renter, Washington, DC
"Thanks to you I found this wonderful apartment!"
- Carmen D., Renter, Greenbelt, MD
A "breath of fresh air"!
"The Padfinders agent I worked with was a "breath of fresh air" and the most welcome and best experience I had in my 2 month process seeking an apartment. She was not only the most knowledgeable of all the individuals I dealt with, but by far, the most friendly and accommodating."
- David M., Renter, Alexandria, VA
You did a great job!
"I wanted to send my sincere thanks for your help over the weekend. You did a great job and I will definitely refer people to you in the future. I wish you the best. Thanks again!"
- Micah G., Renter, Washington, DC
"Jessica was extraordinarily good! I was not accepted at the first community where I applied because of my credit score. If I had not taken your advice, I would not have been able to move. I cannot thank you enough, Jessica!"
- Caleb A., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
You will be first on my list of locators to call when I am back in the market!
"You really helped me out so much. Even when you were unavailable, you made sure someone was looking out for me. You have a great team at Padfinders. It REALLY shows that everyone who helped me was genuinely concerned with my position. It's easy to pick up on that kind of thing. I can hear it in your voices and could easily tell that the relocation specialists were smiling on the other end of the phone, putting me at ease. Again, thanks SO much for all of your help and the help of your team - you all were great! You will be first on my list of locators to call when I am back in the market, that is for sure!"
- Robert V., Renter, Washington, DC
We love our new place!
"Thank you Jessica!!! We love our new place!"
- Korin & Joshua B., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
I'll recommend Padfinders to all of my graduate friends moving to the area
"Jessica is an excellent rental agent. She is patient, kind, and diligent. I will recommend her to all of my graduate friends moving to the area."
- Najja B., Renter, Oxon Hill, MD
Professionalism Reinforced
"I really appreciate your continued efforts in finding me the perfect home. This further reinforces the professionalism you and Padfinders have displayed. Thank you!"
- Richard R., Renter, Alexandria, VA
He was a fantastic advocate for me when I needed it.
"I had the privilege of working with Brian to find my apartment. Brian was tireless and made every effort to ensure that our new apartment would be a great fit. He was a fantastic advocate for me when I needed it and I would refer anyone to him. What a tremendous asset! Thanks Brian!!"
- Keeli S., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
Highly recommend
"Jessica is professional, responsive and a true pleasure to work with. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the apartment communities in my area and quickly helped find an apartment that was within my budget and met all of my needs. I highly recommend doing business with her if you get the opportunity."
- Kenneth B., Renter, Washington, DC
Perfect Follow-ups!
"Maureen was incredibly helpful and her follow-ups were perfect . I would definitely recommend this service and her!"
- Jessica M., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
I was so impressed with your passion for your work!
"I have really enjoyed talking to you! Even during our first conversation, it never seemed to me that I was talking to a stranger. I was so impressed with your passion for your work and outlook towards life...Very Contagious!"
- Pravith N., Renter, Washington, DC
This was really a find!
"This was really a find! The relocation agent found an apartment that was a great fit and he was positive with great communication skills. In addition, when we toured the apartment community, the leasing agent was terrific as well!"
- Michelle D., Renter, Washington, DC
Helpful and upbeat Agent!
"We had a great experience with Danielle! She was very helpful and upbeat. We just signed our lease with a firm move-in date yesterday."
- Mary D., Renter, North Bethesda, MD
Phenomenal Service
"I highly recommend Lindsay from Padfinders if you're looking for an apartment around NOVA or DC!! She's phenomenal!!"
- Erica L., Renter, Washington, DC
What a treat!
"Working with Danielle was such a treat! She helped me with every step of the way for my new place. She was courteous, friendly, and professional the whole time. Danielle followed through with anything I asked for. I look forward to telling my friends and coworkers about Padfinders!"
- Brett C., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
Exceeded my expectations
"I would like to thank Padfinders for a great experience. Blake was a great representative who kept me posted."
- Diana D., Renter, McLean, VA
A truly enjoyable experience
"Thanks for all of your help. You are very professional, prompt and detailed - something I really appreciated as I have time constraints in my search. I truly enjoyed my experience with Padfinders and that was because of your help Jessica!"
- Daniel W., Renter, Fairfax, VA
Unparalleled Service
"I wanted to take a moment and praise the incredible service that Lindsay Brewer at Padfinders provided in my search for an apartment complex. From the moment I contacted Lindsay, I experienced nothing but a pleasant and professional attitude. Lindsay was able to easily connect me to the rental agent at (apartment community - name removed), and have the gentleman contact me after hours to answer my questions. Lindsay even contacted me during my tour and lease signing to make sure everything was going smoothly. Lindsay is the definition of a professional individual giving unparalleled service. I cannot recommend her and the services enough. Lindsay's service was a direct impact to me finding and eventually renting."
- Devon L., Renter, Alexandria, VA
What a great experience!
"I had a great experience working with Padfinders . I was not sure what property I could qualify for due to my challenged credit. However, the representative I worked with, Jessica, was awesome! She reassured me Padfinders could find a rental property for me and she did. Jessica provided me numerous rental options and I was approved to move into the perfect apartment community that fits my lifestyle, all within a week. Jessica has delivered a great place for me to live and outstanding customer service. I would definitely recommend Padfinders services to colleagues and friends."
- Tony S., Renter, Alexandria, VA
Unbelievably awesome!
"Lindsay, you are UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME! I am just speechless....You are definitely somebody that knows their line of work very well. Thanks AGAIN for all your expedited responses, VERY organized and easy to read listings and itineraries. What can I say? You did it ALL and took care of everything in a matter of no time!!! I called you this morning, and in less that 12 hours I may have found my "home"! Now, that's CRAZY! I will definitely keep you updated to which place I choose!"
- Ida Choi, Renter, Rockville, MD
I'll recommend this service to anyone who's looking
"I recently used Padfinders to search for an apartment for myself. Danielle worked with me to find a place and I wanted to take a moment to commend her finding the perfect listings for what I was looking for and making it a pleasant experience. I have been in the market for a 1 bedroom apartment for about five months or so and I’ve worked with other services to line up viewings. Before speaking with Danielle, I was extremely worn down by my previous experiences. For example when I worked with someone at (local company - name removed), they lined up all these appointments in areas that I clearly said I did not want to be in. It was very frustrating because every time I spoke to the rep, it seemed like he had forgotten everything I said in previous conversations. I also had to make the calls myself to cancel the appointments that I didn’t want in the first place. It really deflated my drive to keep looking. I first spoke to Danielle when I was in the midst of working with a few different agents (from other services). We discussed an apartment briefly over the phone but in the end, I decided it wasn’t close to where I wanted to be. After a week or so, Danielle gave me a call and we discussed new listings in the Silver Spring area. We emailed back and forth and she found a handful of listings that I should check out based on what I needed. I was very impressed by how quickly she responded to my emails and followed up with me after my appointments. It was a weight off my shoulders to know that someone was really looking out for me. She worked around my schedule and made last minute appointments (even over the weekend) when I needed it. The best part is that in the end, I found a place that I think I’m really going to like!! Thanks to my experience working with Danielle, I will certainly use your service in the future and recommend it to anyone I know who is looking!"
- Joel D., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
It was a pleasure to work with you
"I just wanted to ensure I sent you a message to express my appreciation of the great work that you do. As always, it was a pleasure to work with you in finding a home. Thank you!"
- Philip G., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
I recommend this service
"If you're ever looking for an apartment I recommend using this service and it is no charge for you, they get paid by the apartment...and the name is funny!"
- John R., Renter, Alexandria, VA
Simply Exceptional
"Lindsay was simply exceptional in finding me a great place to live. If you care about your well-being and quality of life, you'll give her a call."
- Jamison M., Renter, Washington, DC
Angel from Heaven
"I would like to most of all thank Blake for helping me find a home...he was my angel from heaven with a helping hand."
- Tabkina S., Renter, Annadale, VA
Thank you!
"I can't thank you enough for helping me locate an affordable 1 bedroom apartment. Happy holidays!"
- Katelyn G., Renter, Alexandria, VA
Thank you for your help
"Thank you so much for helping us find our new place! We love it!! You were incredibly helpful and thorough in your search. Ted and I will continue to refer our friends to you. Again, thank you!!"
- Erica & Ted L., Renter, Faifax, VA
Fantastic Job!
"Padfinders did a great job helping me find an apartment this past September. I've referred a few friends and promote your service whenever I get the chance. Padfinders did a fantastic job, start to finish!"
- Rich L., Renter, Alexandria, VA
Deepest Thanks
"I wanted to express my deepest thanks for your outstanding dedication. I am so thankful and cannot begin to thank you for all the help that you gave me during my unique move. I now have a place to call home and the movers are here with my things. You are awesome!!!"
- Tony S., Renter, Washington, DC
Useful Information
"Jessica was very helpful and worked closely with me to find the perfect place for me and my young son. The information she provided me was very useful and she seemed to sincerely care about me finding just what I was looking for. Thanks Jessica!"
- Kiana C., Renter, Forestville, MD
I felt like I was her only client!
"This is my second time working with Jessica and I can guarantee there will be a third. She is not only knowledgeable and friendly, but made me feel like I was her only client. Excellent service. I recommend her to all of my friends and colleagues."
- Dillon C., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
Incredibly Impressed!
"Thanks for doing all this. I'm incredibly impressed how on top of things you are! Your company offers great service; I must spread the word :)"
- Arik S., Renter, Bethesda, MD
Enjoyable Experience
"Thanks to Lindsay and the Padfinders team, what normally is a painful and drawn-out process was instead a breeze! Lindsay took the time to understand what we're looking for in a new home and prepared a detailed itinerary of visits centered around our schedules. She introduced us to new neighborhoods and was an absolute joy to work with."
- Steve & Milla S., Renter, Washington, DC
The perfect place to call home!
"It would not have been possible to find the perfect accommodation without your help. I'm so glad to inform you that I finally submitted an application with the property you recommended."
- Majed A., Renter, Alexandria, VA
A Special Thank You!
"I wanted to say a special thank you. While I know this is your work, it's incredibly helpful to me. I'm going through a family emergency and a major professional transition, so the last thing I need to be worrying about is housing."
- Carolyn D., Renter, Silver Spring, MD
You guys are the best - you have no idea!!!!
"We appreciate the hard work from YOUR team!!! Your team is the one getting the leads, getting them to come, and keeping me posted with everything!"
- Alberto R., Leasing Agent, Bethesda, MD
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