Millennials On The Move

Posted By: Kaylin Morris  -  1/12/2018 8:07:36 PM  - 

In today’s society, Millennials make up the majority segment of workers. They are a growing group of individuals that continue their education and go straight into the workforce. But where is it that they are going? It’s not just to the Big Apple and chasing California Dreams anymore.
According to Times Magazine, the state that is attracting the most millennials is Virginia. This small state ranked first and second on the Top 25 Cities Where Millennials Are Moving. Out of the twenty-five cities on the list, has apartment locators in thirteen of the cities. Millennials are the workers and leaders of our future and Padfinders is here to help make their move as easy as possible and FREE.

From the American University of Washington D.C., Erika Acosta states, “[Millennials] ...rely on technology to live, work and socialize; and they expect automation, customization as well as the ability to always access what they want.” This is exactly what Padfinders has to offer.

With Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. being Padfinders biggest areas, it is no surprise that there has been an increase in population over the past decade. These up and coming areas are making changes for a more urban, working, and attractive place to live. Millennials are on the move and ready to work, but let Padfinders do the “moving” work for you.

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