Social Media Takeover: Padfinders Edition

Posted By: Kaylin Morris  -  3/23/2018 4:06:13 PM  - 

Social media is one of the main platforms for marketing and advertising a company. Whether it is on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter; it is booming.

Padfinders has currently been revamping all of our social media profiles! We want to be able to reach our audience at the most convenient times of the day with eye-catching photos and post that appeal to them.

When it comes to Instagram, there is a science behind it all. The aesthetic of the profile is important so that the profile color scheme flows and is pleasant to the eye.

Image Preview

Hashtags are a big thing because this is a way for viewers and followers to find your post using a single word or hashtag like: “#padfinders”. 

Image Preview

The time of day matters so that viewers and followers do not miss the posts or it gets lost within the overwhelming post throughout the day.
Image Preview  

To our awesome 14.7k followers, thank you for your support and we can only hope for more!

So whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, please let us know what you think about our profiles and what YOU want to see more of from us!

Instagram: @padfinders

Twitter: @padfinders

Facebook: Padfinders

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