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Posted By: Jamie Drew  -  5/3/2015 3:43:29 AM  - 

        You know, sometimes you take things for granted until you no longer have them. I mean, we've all felt this way before. This is exactly why you need to move to Avana Alexandria and NEVER move out. I’m really being serious. The apartments at this high-rise have all the things that make life better. Whoever deigned this community really designed it from a renter’s eye. 

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         Let’s dive right in and talk about one of the most obvious things…BAY WINDOWS!!!! Be honest, who doesn’t like bay windows? I’ll wait…exactly, crickets. Everyone loves them. I know I do. The windows at Avana put other windows to shame. This isn’t some small bay window off of the sun room that you are used to seeing. This is a HUGE-Mongous (yes I just made that word up) 6 part, super-sized, light-giving, heck of a view-having window. I would never turn the lights on if I lived here. Oh the shoes I could buy with the money I would save on my electricity bill! It even makes the apartment look bigger and really brings the outside in. In a metropolitan area, this is just what you need to make you feel more at home. 
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     Where are all my kitchen lovers? I know you can appreciate what I’m about to say. Avana Alexandria has stainless steel appliances with faucets and cabinet pulls to match! But what I really live for is the oven with the viewing window! Yes, there are actually stoves out there that don’t have that!!! I like to be able to look at my food while it’s cooking. First, I want to see it because I think it’s cool to watch something cook, but furthermore so I can check on it without having to compromise the temperature of the oven by opening the door. When you don’t have an oven window, you have to open the oven and pull out the rack to get a good look at the food. OMG and the kitchen faucet  is to die for! It’s a pull out faucet with a sleek swan neck shape. Yeah, this place has the good stuff. 
   So, I must say, this last one is my favorite feature. I simply cannot live without a washer and dryer, so a place that puts this amenity right next to bathroom is after my own heart. This is the best idea ever! Put the washer and dryer exactly where the dirty clothes always are! Seriously, I think this place can save relationships. No more dirty clothes lying on the bathroom floor! What will couples argue about now?  No more laundry baskets stinking up the closet. The washing machine is your laundry basket. Genius! 
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     I would just like to close by saying a big “thank you” to whoever made the decision to think like a renter when designing this apartment community. This place is full of luxury, yet functional.  Trust me, there are so many more awesome things about Avana Alexandria, but I have to leave some stuff for the leasing consultant to tell you. You can find all the cool things I mentioned and more by scheduling your appointment today. Call the Rentals Gone Wild team at 202-609-9898 to answer any questions and even arrange your tour for you. All you have to do is show up. It’s that simple.

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