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When you think of all the things that your apartment complex could want from you, what comes to mind? Well, we know they want your money. Haha! That’s first and foremost. Pay your rent and pay it on time if you want to continue to live there without the manager tracking you down. We also know they want you to keep your apartment clean. Ever been anxious when the maintenance guy came over because you forgot to clean up before you put in your repair request? I know I have! Better make up your bed and clear the dishes or you may get a good old fashioned finger wagging.  Ok, so if you pay your rent and keep a spotless place, what else could they possibly want from you? They already have your birth date, social security number, and know all your financial business! What’s next? I’ll tell ya what’s next…they want your stars. Have you ever had a community ask you for your stars? Yes, this is actually something that you can give away and it is worth gold to most apartment communities. You may be sitting there wondering right now…what the heck are my stars? And how in the world do I give them away? Some of you may have already guessed it. Your stars are your approval ratings. When you give an online approval rating, you may assign a certain amount of stars to your rating so that, at a glance, anyone can easily see what your level of approval is.

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So, to stay ahead of the curve, apartment management company Bozzuto has come up with a creative way to encourage their residents to leave positive reviews on popular review sites such as ApartmentRatings and Yelp. These are definitely 2 sites that a lot of us swear by if we want the honest truth about a place that we are considering spending our money. Be it hair salons, car repair shops or a bakery we have got to have the opinion of someone who is not a paid actor! We rely on these sites to lead the way for us and Bozzuto knows that. Good thinking Bozzuto! Back to what I was saying…they came up with this awesome website called Bozzuto Listens. As soon as you go to the page the first thing you see is a little girl whispering into a dog’s ear. I must say, this is the cutest thing ever! How can you go wrong with a cute little kid next to a cute little dog? You can’t!

Remember when you were in elementary school and the teacher had that pack of stickers that were in the shape of colorful, glittery stars? Didn’t it feel so good to have one of those on your paper? Didn’t you feel on top of the world if you earned a star for an accomplishment or if the teacher put one on your shirt? Well, now it’s your turn to be the star giver! Make Bozzuto feel like a school kid and let them know how many stars they have earned from you. There is even a social feed with the hastag #bozzutolistens to help you stay connected with others. With this up to date way of doing business, there is nothing “mom and pop” about this management company.

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Bozzuto manages a ton of apartment communities such as Flats 130, Allegro, and Monroe Street Market in Washington, DC. They also manage Concord Crystal City and 800 Carlyle in Northern Virginia. This is just to name a few. If you aren’t sure who your management company is, it may be time to whip out your lease agreement or head to your apartment’s website to find out.  If you live in a Bozzuto community, share your experience. There are others out there that need to hear from you. If you don’t live in a Bozzuto community, there’s no time like now to go and move in to one of their awesome locations and then hop on Bozzuto Listens and start giving away stars!

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