How to Live Like a Boss in Potomac Yard

Posted By: Jamie Drew  -  6/5/2015 7:18:49 PM  - 

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Has life had you reconsidering who you are lately? Well reconsider no more. It’s time for you to grab life by the horns and start living the life that you really want to live. It all starts right in Potomac Yards at The Alric Apartments. Here are a few steps to living the ultimate boss life…The Alric way.

Head to Potomac Yard to live the good life...
OK so you already know that you’ve made it if you live near the water right? And forget about it if you live near the Washington Sailing Marina. This area of Alexandria, VA offers the urban feel that you are looking for to keep you stimulated, but still has just the right atmosphere to rub elbows with members of the high life like yourself. You can also check out the neighborhood bakery and the awesome hiking trail. I mean really, doesn’t that sound like boss living?

Take advantage of the glass surround shower...
Yes, it’s possible to take a shower like a boss. Shower curtains aren’t for you! You’ve got a hot yoga body to show off to err…ummm….well to your bathroom. Haha! But who cares if no one can see you. Just the fact that you haven’t a care in the world about covering up entitles you to that next promotion! So what it if it costs a little extra. What’s your name?!

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Hang out on your private balcony...

Listen, when you have your swanky dinner parties, where do you think all the important conversations will take place? That’s right they take place on the balcony. Don’t want anyone in your apartment? That’s ok. Be ultra-swanky and invite everyone to the Rooftop Social Lounge! What’s better than a balcony than a roof??? Sit down right now and create that guest list that, get that wine flowing, and make it happen. By the way, please drink responsibly.

Park your baby in the underground parking garage...
Street parking is for average Joes and Josephines. I asked you earlier what your name was. I heard you shout it and I don’t think I heard the word average in front of it did I? That’s right. Parking your car in an underground garage is super elite and YOU are super elite. Impress your friends and protect your most prized show stopper in this private garage for bosses only. If your car is raggedy and on its last leg and you decided to spend all your money on finer living instead of a motorized box that gets you from point A to B and depreciates value by the second, the garage is the perfect place to hide it. Either way, you win. And winning is all you know how to do!

Splash around in the chemical free saline pool...
Now, the last step to living like a boss is to “Go Hollywood” on people. You know you’ve made it when people don’t like you anymore because they think you act differently now that you have hit the top. I suggest you get some saline to welcome you to the “Hollywood” scene. Forget about injecting it, it’s time to swim in it! Go hop in the chemical free saline pool and complete your journey to boss-itopia. 

So look, if all this isn't enough for you, I've got good news. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are way more amenities and apartment features to make you drool and pull out your engraved pen and sign a lease today. Check it out for yourself and if you don't tell them that Rentals Gone Wild sent you, then you just aren't a real boss. Real bosses always give credit where it's due. 

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